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Support club

What is Linnemann Motorsport Supportclub?

–        A association that were raised in 2013

–        The association consist of a executive committe who is:

–        Chairman: Kristian Christensen

–        Deputy chairman: ????

–        Cashier: Birthe Hald

–        Members: Brian Allan Olsen, Susanne B. Nielsen and Kim Jepsen

Linnemann Motorsport supports goals are:

–        Support Linnemann Motorsport econommicly if it is possiple.

–        Promote the knowledge of Rallycross in Denmark and foreign countries by making trips for selected events.

–        Make new contact for new members og Companies through advertisment og events.


How to become a member?

Theres are tree different types of memberships:

–        Bronzemembership costs 250 DKR (35 EUR)

–        Silvermemberships costs 500 DKR. (70 EUR) You will get a T-shirt with silver print

–        Goldmemberships costs 1000 DKR. (140 EUR) You will get a T-shirt with goldprint og tickets at a good Price.

The Money can be payed at acount: Reg. 9336 acount. 6612381931 Please remember to write your name and T-shirt size when you pay

What does the supportclub offer?

–        Community and fellowship when we go to a race

–        To get close to an exiting sport and a very ambitious raceteam

–        Different clothes, caps etc. Pictures, range and prices will come online as soon as the new design are finished.

Questions about this, please contact:

Ulrik Linnemann Phone. +45 50 74 78 25

Birthe Hald Phone. +45 20 93 37 07