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  • 17.Mar.2016
  • Kim C. Jensen

When the Supercars launch their EURO RX campaign 2016 in Belgium, it’s possible that a Dane will be behind the wheel of one of these beasts. Dane Ulrik Linnemann confirms that his team is in “serious contact” with the French pioneer Jean-Luc Pailler, about driving one of Pailler Competitions Peugeot 208 Supercars in the Belgian round of EURO RX.


“Yes, I’m in serious contact with Jean-Luc about driving on Circuit Jules Tacheny in Belgium.” says Linnemann, and explains: ”My biggest dream is definitely to compete in the World RX series, and this door-opener is for sure a step in the right direction. I feel ready to take the step into Supercars, and I’m so motivated to show the world that the Supercars are ready for me. But unfortunately it’s not your results, your history or your words who gives you a seat. It’s all about money and thats what we’re struggling with right now!”


The team who has offered the ambitious Dane the opportunity is the French based Pailler Competition, who is one of the most experienced Supercar teams in Europe. The Bretagne-based Rallycross team runs two identical Peugeot 208 Supercars in European events, but the only similarity between Linnemanns usual Super 1600 Peugeot 208 and the Supercars, is the brand.

“You can’t compare these two cars. A Super 1600 car, like the one we compete with, is front-wheel driven, has a 1,6 liter nonturbo engine and produces 235 HP. The Supercars only purpose, is to drive on a Rallycross track with jumps and mixed surfaces. They are 4 wheel-driven, produce 600 HP from a 2.0 l. turboengine and accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2 seconds. It’s so crazy when 5 of those go side by side through the hilly tracks we have in Rallycross.” explains Mikkel Jespersen who is Linnemanns new right hand in the paddock. Jespersen is by the way not a new face in Rallycross. His brother Morten has competed in European Rallycross for a decade in the early 21 century, in both Super 1600 and Supercars.


Ulrik Linnemann explains furthermore that the driving style of the Supercars is notable compared to Super 1600, but after a couple of Supercar tests in 2015 he feels comfortable to convert his preparations and driving style to Supercars. He concludes that it’s difficult, but he refuses to give up. If you know the feeling from a very good dream and you wake up, you have to hunt down all your opportunities to feel it again, he said.


“Me and the team slogs to put things together. We’ve already managed to raise 40 percent of the budget for the Supercar race, but I’ll be honest and say that I still need 15.000 euros to make it official. I’m addicted to say, that I will do everything for 15.000 euros right know. If you can dream it, you must do it.” says Linnemann with a smile. He emphasizes that he has his focus directed on the season-opener in the European Championship for Super 1600 in Portugal on April 16, but he promise to work 25 hours a day to realize his dream.


Team Linnemann are optimistic, and will take any kind of help in this race with open arms. Do you know anyone or anything, feel free to contact the team.