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Exclusive on “Frida” is taking shape

Exclusive on “Frida” is taking shape
  • 13.Feb.2015
  • Kim Lauritsen



This is exclusive news for visitors on Preparations for 2015 in pictures 

I’m delighted to announce, that the preparations for the upcoming Rallycross season is well underway. For professional reasons, I’ve chosen to focus on the 7 races in the European Championship, and therefore I will not participate in Denmark this year at all. I’m 26 years old now, but still excited and more determinated than ever.” explains Ulrik Linnemann.

In the light of self-realization, the 2014-season wasn’t that succes, the danish team was hoping for. The team couldn’t manage to be consistant through two championships, and therefore it was hard to deal with the high expectations. In the benefit of hindsight it was unrealistic to expect, that a complete newbuilt car would have the pace to take trophies right away, therefore it was necessary to realize that 2014 had to be a year of learning. During this preseason, Ulrik Linnemann has developed a lot of changes on the main construction, which is executed from a variety of data, conducted through the last season.

When Ulrik was asked about the changes he is making right now, the answer is:
In many ways, last year was a tough one for everyone here. Frida part 1 was not a big succes, in relation to the fact that we launched a far more modern rallycross car. In our preparations for 2015, we are forced into a lot of initiatives that will, hopefully, release the full potential of the car. The bodyshell is taking a number of improvements in relation to traction, which is my focus here. If everything goes as planned, I will also change supplier of engine and dampers. But for now we’ll see. We must be sure to make the best decisions, I won’t change suppliers for any price. The main thing for us right now, is to do everything in the best way so Frida part 2 will be better. I’m hopeful, because I have the best guys, the best team and I feel more confident than ever.



Ulrik Linnemann is fighting for it! – It’s almost a routine to have a swarm of russian guys around the car.


Behind every victory, there is a lot of hard work. Sometimes there is a clear relation, between the degree of preparation and victories. Linnemann Motorsport has established a cooperation with the coach Tommy Schröter, who through 2015 will be connected to the team as an external coach.

Linnemann Motorsport opens the titlerace on Circuit de Montalegre, Portugal in the end of April.

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