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Our cars are made with all the best parts and the team are always very passionate for cars look great, so our partners will be represented in the best way.

You can get your publicity on this very fast car, and thus get on the TV screen in over 600 million television screens worldwide.

European and World Championships in Rallycross being shown live on TV until 2018, and it is possible for live streaming of all races on the web.

As a sponsor you include posibilities for

Example of a sponsorship relation. TAX:

Your company pays 25 000 kr. For a sponsor package at Linnemann Motorsport.

You get:

When Linnemann Motorsport will invoice you, they should specify the 15,000 kr. From the various elements of the sponsorship package.

For example:

Jysk Display to sponsor Linnemann Motorsport

It was a cold January day when rallycross talent Ulrik Linnemann called COO of Jysk Display, Kim Skytte, to hear if we could help him at the Motor Show in Herning …

“With the help thought Ulrik actually sponsor and we” put “the typically not things away from Jysk Display, yet there was such an indefinable energy, steel firmness and determination in the young man’s voice that awakened something in me,” explained Kim.

This energy, willpower and not least a well-balanced portion humility opened the door for Ulrik, and he got a personal agreement.

“Ulrik is a very winning character – both personally but certainly also with his sports performance. No. 2 is just not good enough and in my eyes he is the definition of a real firebrand “ , expressed Kim.

“There were several things about him that reminded me so much about our own Jysk Display setting. He – we – met challenges, “downs” – but certainly also victories on his way and want to be uppermost in the lead. It did not take me long to decide that here was a young man, sm we wanted to give a helping hand that he can continue and develop its triumphs in motorsport, “ explained Kim, when he was asked to, why Jysk Display chose to enter into sponsorship.